Friday, September 5, 2014

An Economic Argument for Immigration Reform

An Economic Argument for Immigration Reform

Often, the controversy surrounding immigration reform focuses on a struggle between those that contend immigration reform rewards lawlessness and others who argue reform is needed on a moral or humane basis. 

As the son of a Cuban mother,  I can personally relate to the humane need for compassion as part of our American obligation to reform our terribly broken system and give illegal and undocumented people living and working here a chance to get right with the law and have  a chance to pursue the American dream. 

At the same time, sone extreme hardliners are against any reform based upon humane, spiritual,  or traditional American values rationales.   For those that are against reform for those reasons,  if you care about the American economy growong, then you cannot oppose smart immigration reform.  Attached  is an economic analysis that is fact based and frankly indisputably demonstrates that only an idiot could oppose reform unless you do not care about your wallet.  For those of you without a heart,  hopefully your economic self interest will prompt you to read the article attached and realize that your bank account needs immigration reform.

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