Friday, May 3, 2013

Senator Rubio's Press Releases on Immigration Reform

Senator Rubio's Press Releases on Immigration Reform


Since the immigration legislation was introduced, Rubio has received over 1,100 suggestions for how to improve the bill.  Senator Rubio encourages the public to continue reviewing the bill and sharing their ideas on ways to make the bill better when the time comes to amend the legislation.


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Rubio: We Can & Should Improve Immigration Reform Proposal – “…the way I think you’re supposed to  make public policy in this country is you file a bill as a starting point, but you don’t pretend you have all the answers to every question, and then you get input from others.”


Rubio Welcomes Announcement of Immigration Hearing to be Held by Commerce Committee – “Today’s announcement to hold another hearing examining the immigration reform bill is very encouraging because it adds more transparency and scrutiny to this process.”


Immigration Legislation Makes Clear There’s No E-Verify Gap – Gang of 8 Adds Amendment to Clarify E-Verify Program


Rubio Talks Immigration in Pasco County, Receives “Big Applause & Standing O”– Speaking to 600 diehard Pasco Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday night cast the sensitive work of immigration reform as a national security issue that can’t be ignored.


Rubio on Greta: “Immigration Bill is a Starting Point” – “…We want to hear from everybody about how to improve this…I think a very good starting point, but I think we need to build on it.”


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