Monday, May 13, 2013

Senator Rubio Immigration Legislation

Since the immigration legislation was introduced, Senator Rubio has received over thousands of suggestions for how to improve the bill.  Senator Rubio encourages the public to continue reviewing the bill and sharing their ideas on ways to make the bill better when the time comes to amend the legislation.

·        RUBIO WELCOMES IMMIGRATION AMENDMENTS AS VITAL TO BILL’S PASSAGE, ENCOURAGES PUBLIC INPUT – “Ending today’s de facto amnesty and fixing our broken immigration system is essential for America’s sovereignty, security, job creation, economic growth and preserving immigration as a source of our nation’s strength. Leaving the status quo in place would be disastrous.”
·        RUBIO: WHAT BOSTON MEANS We need to stay engaged with the world and understand our enemies
·        RUBIO: THOMAS PEREZ WOULD BE A DISASTROUS LABOR SECRETARY “After carefully reviewing Thomas Perez’s, record, views and conduct during his confirmation process, it is clear to me he should not be confirmed to be America’s next Secretary of Labor. For a Cabinet position that oversees the country’s workforce, our nation deserves a proven administrator who is committed to maximizing opportunities for the American worker, not a liberal activist who has pushed the boundaries of public office to advance his agenda.”
·        RUBIO: AMERICA NEEDS A PRO-GROWTH IMMIGRATION SYSTEM – While there are a number of broken aspects of our immigration system today – including porous borders, weak workplace enforcement and an inadequate system to track foreign visitors who overstay their visas - one that also stands out is the way we handle academic talent and highly skilled workers.”
·        RUBIO WELCOMES SSA CHIEF ACTUARY’S PRELIMINARY FINDINGS ON IMMIGRATION REFORM LEGISLATION – The Actuary’s Office also claims that, over the next 10 years, the legislation will prevent 2 million illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S., create 3.22 million jobs, and increase our gross domestic product by 1.63 percent more than if the status quo is left in place.
·        GROUP OF CONSERVATIVES BACKS ACTION ON IMMIGRATION Top Conservatives: "Simply opposing immigration reform should not be the conservative response to this problem. We believe conservatives should be leading the way on this issue by supporting legislation that upholds conservative principles."
·        RUBIO DISCUSSES BENGHAZI HEARING ON FOX & FRIENDS "Someone needs to be held accountable for what has happened here. But it’s also about preventing this from happening in the future."
·        Strengthening Immigration Reform: THREE AMENDMENTS INCREASING CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT OF DHS & BORDER SECURITY PASS – Senators were able to identify ways to improve Congressional oversight of DHS and border security. Three amendments - the Grassley 2Grassley 5, and Flake 2 - all improved the reporting of progress on border security.
  • RUBIO WELCOMES SMALL BUSINESS COMMITTEE’S ANNOUNCMENT TO EXAMINE IMMIGRATION LEGISLATION “I am encouraged by today’s announcement of another immigration hearing because small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, and their continued input during this process is critical to improving the legislation,” said Rubio. “Any solid immigration reform proposal must help entrepreneurs continue to innovate, create jobs, and grow their businesses…”
·        USA TODAY: MARCO RUBIO: ACCOUNTABILITY FOR BENGHAZI NEEDED – “We need to bring those behind this attack to justice and make sure that a tragedy like Benghazi does not happen again.”

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