Thursday, May 9, 2013

Immigration Reform Still Supported by many Republicans

Some members of the Republican party are attempting to kill immigration reform.  Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, and Chuck Grassely, R- Iowa, are 2 leading Republicans in the Senate and House, respectively, who are leading the effort to derail reform by first erroneously linking immigration reform to the tragedy in Boston, and when that failed, they and their fellow enemies of reform are turning to a new dirty tactic: delay delay delay and then introduce literally hundreds of amendments like Senator Ted Cruz, R- Texas, whose amendment eliminates a earned path to citizenship!

At the same time, while the bill has the support of the President and overwhelming Democratic support, not all Republicans are drinking the idiot kool-aid and trying to continue to deny immigrants their rights.  Four of the bills sponsor's are Republicans, and many in the GOP (Republican Party) still support reform.  In fact, Senator John McCain continues pushing for passage, as does his senate colleague from Arizona, Jeff Flake.  Marco Rubio is also standing firm in support of the bill.

Today, the fight for reform is intensifying, and the enemies of immigrants are trying everything to kill it.  But we are not alone.  In fact, as the attached article illustrates, most sensible REPUBLICANS are speaking out against Republican extremists who lack both intelligence as well as an ounce of common sense and any sense of humanity.  Anyone reading this should know that is is the time to contact these opponents and demand comprehensive immigration reform now!  Our experienced Orlando immigration attorneys at Brandt Immigration are doing all we can, but we need your voice and your help!!! We have to fight until we win.

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