Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Unveiled!!!

Yesterday, the people in and around the Boston Marathon was tragically and unspeakably devastated in a horrible terror attack that we all grieve for.  Many immigrants contacted our firm to see if they could help in any way.  It was very moving to witness, as immigrants reacted just like any other Americans.

I write tonight because although I have a heavy heart for Boston, I have also waited my entire adult life for comprehensive reform.  The Senate "Gang of 8" have reached agreement and the details of sweeping changes to finally give an earned path to citizenship and modernizing our broken immigration laws while also further securing the borders and preventing 
unscrupulous employer's from exploiting immigrants for substandard wages.

While we are currently amidst a national tragedy, I am proud to be an American tonight.  We are a nation that is at its best when we unite, and while I am saddened deeply by Boston, I am proud to see the American people unite and help one of our cities.  As that tragedy is being handled by Americans uniting, we must also unite on passing comprehensive immigration reform now!  I am just one experienced Orlando immigration lawyer, but I assure you that many many "Americans" in all ways but papers need us to unite and pass immigration reform.

I am not alone.  Indeed, even as President Obama is assuring us the bomber or bombers will be caught, in the truest American spirit, the President still issued this statement supporting comprehensive immigration reform after meeting with leading Republican and Democratic senators who helped reach this agreement.  Read more here:


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